CHAT - Children Harmed By Alcohol Toolkit

Find out more about Love and Light a new service in North Lanarkshire…

Love n light is a recovery organisation  that has been formed by a group of community members in North Lanarkshire who identified the need for services required for families affected by Alcoholism and Addiction.

Our services are aimed at the collective family unit. We believe that if the active person affected by alcoholism or addiction is unruly in any way in the family household. Then the whole household suffers and we also believe that the whole household is entitled to recover.

We run a family café which accommodates Information and routes to various roads of recovery for the person willing to stop, the family members who have been affected plus we work with parents, guardians and children who have been affected also.

We have a conversational café  which is open to the public and provides evidential routes that work for families seeking recovery.

You will be welcomed and at request be given a tour of how we work and how our plan unfolds in what we offer from when a person walks through the door to how they can create a whole new way of life. We offer the chance of residential retreat for family respite and many social events that you and the family can participate in.

We are open most Saturday’s in the Pligrim Community centre from 12 noon until 4 pm. We can accommodate children of any age. Parents or guardians seeking recovery and the alcoholic or addict in seek of recovery as well. Our best bond and common denominator is that we’ve been there ourselves but even more important is that we hold solutions to how to recover from the traumas this affliction causes whole families units. Our conversational cafe is a safe environment and holds the way forward. It has given many folk hope and created many changes in people’s lives. Our biggest asset is that most of our 25 staff members have been at the wrath of this affliction themselves. So please don’t hesitate to come along. We have walked the walk.

Alternatively we are available at and at our office at 1 Petersburn road Airdrie ML6 8RD.

(Written by Jane Chambers, Love and Light)


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