CHAT - Children Harmed By Alcohol Toolkit


CHAT-LOGO-FinalAbout C.H.A.T

Children Harmed by Alcohol Toolkit (C.H.A.T.) is a new resource developed in consultation with practitioners from social work, young carers and treatment services.

C.H.A.T. builds on our existing Oh Lila, Rory and A.D.AM. resources and contains a chat pack no backgroundrange of interactive materials that can be used with  children, young people and families to build resilience and protective factors.

C.H.A.T. Contains:

  • Rory storybook (original)
  • Rory 2 What happened next storybook
  • Rory and Felix puppets
  • Rory C.H.A.T. and Think game
  • Rory C.H.A.T. and Think activity book
  • Rory worksheets
  • Oh Lila abridged storybook
  • Eric, Lila and Old Hare storybook
  • Eric and Lila puppets
  • Oh Lila and Eric worksheets
  • A.D.A.M. worksheets
  • A.D.A.M. online choices activities
  • Adults and Parents worksheets

Cost: £110 + VAT

**Please note this pack is not sold without training**


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