CHAT - Children Harmed By Alcohol Toolkit

Our Stories

There are lots of young people affected by another person’s drinking. That person may be a family member, it may be a friend or someone else you know.

What we know for certain is that you are NOT ALONE.

In developing this website we worked with a group of young people. Here are some stories that young people shared with us about how they were affected by someone in their life’s drinking …. and how they coped.

Adam is 14. His brother Daniel’s drinking has had an effect on his family.

Amy is 14. Her Dad’s drinking has had quite an impact on Amy’s life.

Jamie is 15. Jamie’s Dad used to drink and be violent.

Megan is 12. She was affected by her Mum and her partner’s drinking.

Nicole is 13.  She worries about her Mum and Dad’s drinking.

Our thanks go to them for sharing their experiences and allowing us to share them.


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Please note names have been changed to protect identities.